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Beaconhouse Newlands Mission

Beaconhouse-Newlands aims to develop international-minded life-long learners who nurture collaboration, value cultural diversity and exhibit tolerance. Beaconhouse-Newlands ensures its students are equipped to perform their role as compassionate and responsible global citizens through a multi-dimensional inquiry-based curriculum that transcends boundaries.


HSK, Chinese Language Proficiency Test



The learning festival was
an integral component of the school’s
teaching and learning display

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In the final year of the PYP, students, carry out an extended, in-depth, collaborative project known as the PYP exhibition.

This involves students working collaboratively to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real life issues or problems. Students collectively synthesise all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the whole school community.

It also provides teachers with a powerful and authentic process for assessing student understanding. The exhibition represents a unique and significant opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB learner profile developed throughout their engagement with the PYP.

It also provides schools and students with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the transition of learners to the next phase of their education.



Take a tour of PYP-X 2020 at the following link.

https://youtu.be/-JTX3sWZ6H0 (PYP Exhibition 2020)