Beaconhouse Newlands Multan

Beaconhouse Newlands Multan


Our Mission

Beaconhouse Newlands Schools are committed to develop internationally minded, life-long learners who nurture collaboration, value cultural diversity and exercise agency in learning. Beaconhouse Newlands ensures its students are equipped to perform their role as compassionate and responsible global citizens to lead locally and internationally, in order to solve the problems of our shared planet, through a multi-dimensional, inquiry-based curriculum, that transcends boundaries.


Our Vision

Beaconhouse Newlands nurtures culturally diverse, responsible global citizens, contributing to a safer planet in an inclusive learning community combining core values with inquiry-based curricula.

Beaconhouse-Newlands, Multan

Beaconhouse-Newlands, Multan, another revolutionary venture by Beaconhouse, was launched in September 2016. Newlands offers a blend of opportunities to its students while focusing on challenging and engaging academic options for students aged 3-12 years.

One of the most significant features of this day boarding school is the introduction of clubs for extensive learning through the diverse range of interesting and age-appropriate activities including sports, both during and after school. We encourage all our students to participate in these clubs and sports as they are crucial to their physical well-being and academic growth.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure at our campus ensures that students are facilitated at every level. An in-house cafeteria, elevators for ease of access, multi-purpose auditorium, temperature-controlled swimming pool and the learning hub are additional features to promote learning in a world-class environment.

Newlands offers an additional foreign language, Nazra Quran lessons and home chores at school to cater to the holistic development of our students and ease the pressure from the hectic lives of both parents and students. With this extensive programme, we aim to provide education of an international standard that supports the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth and development of our students.