Beaconhouse Newlands Multan

Beaconhouse Newlands Multan

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Newlands!

A school is a miniature version of the real world, where one receives training for life. It is a place where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place and it is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life – to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure, and rejoice at victory and triumph. Students’ experiences in their early years form the foundation of their subsequent education. If these experiences are blended with play in a dynamic, multisensory, active environment with opportunities to explore and reflect, the process of learning is accelerated.

At Beaconhouse-Newlands, children interact with peers and adults in a secure environment. This initiates the development of well-rounded personalities and prepares children to face the challenges of the 21st century. Newlands, Multan is an authorised school for the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). The IB programme has an international repute and involves high academic rigour. Since its opening in October, 2016, Beaconhouse–Newlands has established itself as a safe and friendly school where students, teachers and parents collaborate to provide the best opportunities for education.

Beaconhouse-Newlands aims to provide a platform where students can take up the opportunity and the challenge to do the things they are capable of and reach their highest potential, on all fronts – curricular and co-curricular. We are committed to traditional values for children in order to maintain a connection with their culture and identity, but we also recognise the need for a global perspective in life. We value cultural diversity, compassion and tolerance as they are needed in our increasingly globalised world.

Educational institutions abound and all of them impart learning, but our aim is to go the extra mile so that our students go out into the world with the strength required to not only reach and excel at their professional aspirations but remain beautiful human beings. We want to help our students develop into people who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be strong in service and hold a global perspective. We work to develop our students into active, positive and contributing members of society. Our motto, “learn, achieve and inspire”, epitomises the spirit of our school and our mission statement defines the learning philosophy at Newlands.
As an educator, I see educating children as a calling and I believe all children have a right to an education that allows them to become world citizens. The school will prepare your child for any higher education opportunities you are considering by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, dispositions and attitudes needed to excel.

Every morning I look forward to greeting all of our students with a smile and welcoming salutations, which sets the tone for the day. Our students are eager to learn and they feel confident and comfortable in our school setting. We have talented teachers who use the IB/PYP requirement and as a result, embrace excellence in education. Our staff is highly skilled and professionally adept, and consist of course writers, workshop leaders and school visit trained professionals. The school makes a point of ensuring our teachers attend current, relative professional learning and they work collaboratively to deliver a quality inquiry programme.

We see our school community as a large family, devoted to shared goals and aspirations, and committed to academic excellence and putting in our best efforts in all endeavours. I define this as a growth mind-set for all.

Ayisha Naz Khan
School Head