Beaconhouse Newlands Multan

Beaconhouse Newlands Multan



The magnificently designed and state-of-the-art auditorium at Newlands is a platform where imagination and creativity comes to life in memorable and spectacular shows and events. This facility is not only used to showcase student activities and events but is also utilised for community events and institutional functions. Similarly, a myriad of student activities such as plays, award ceremonies, debate competitions and musical productions are regularly carried out in the school auditorium, providing our students with an opportunity to express their creativity and talents. Such events help develop initiative and confidence in our students and at the same time equip them with necessary skills such as creative-thinking, information and media literacy and communication skills. On the other hand, such events cultivate an appreciation for the arts and culture, grooming our students into a refined and cultured audience.

School Meals

We offer healthy and hygienic meals that are served to our student body. The menus are carefully selected, keeping in view the nutritional needs of growing children and are designed to promote healthy eating habits.
Children gather daily in the cafeteria for their lunch. This provision adds to their social development through interaction outside the classroom and also fosters healthy eating habits, self-service and table manners, which are yet another aspect of personal development embedded in our culture.


We believe in engaging our students in healthy activities to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. Swimming being one such activity, in addition to the gymnasium, offers an incredible workout and much needed physical exercise. Swimming not only keeps a person fit but also develops high stamina for strenuous and stressful activities. In summers, swimming proves to be very refreshing and fun for students and staff.

Our facilities include a 53′ x 37′ indoor heated swimming pool which is available for students during school hours, under the guidance and supervision of professional coaches. Regular swimming classes are part of a weekly timetable. Our pool is kept in excellent running condition throughout the year and is equipped with the highest standards of filtration and cleaning systems, assuring a clean and safe swimming experience to our students. First-aid equipment is also readily available. Safety at the swimming pool is of great concern to our management, for which our professionally-trained coaches are always available.

The Library

Beaconhouse Newlands ensures that the library is fully resourced to support the extensive learning demand of the programme.
The library is one of the most exciting places in the school: the hub of learning, reading, research, discussion and collaboration, where we aim to provide a program and balanced collection of resources that:
•    reflect and represent the diverse learning styles, cultures, beliefs and mother tongue languages of students within the school
•    promote and support the development of transdisciplinary skills, international mindedness, the learner profile, and attitudes and concepts
•    promote a life-long love of reading

Day Boarding

Beaconhouse-Newlands is a day boarding school that offers the opportunity to a child to spend most of the hours of the week in the school, learning through a transdisciplinary approach of connecting knowledge of different disciplines to the real world. Day boarding also includes all student activities; academic, non-academic, Nazra lessons, snacks and meals, for which the school takes responsibility.