Learner Profile

Learner Profile

The aim of the program is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better and more peaceful.

The learners strive to be:
•    Inquirers
•    Knowledgeable
•    Thinkers
•    Principled
•    Open-minded
•    Caring
•    Risk-Takers/Courageous
•    Reflective
•    Well Balanced
•    Communicators

Assessment in PYP

BNM establishes active partnership between the student, his/ her parents and teachers to create a continuum between learning at school and at home in order for our students to become more independent and responsible learners. Assessment is continuous throughout the unit. Assessment of student growth and progress in all areas of learning is shared with parents on a regular basis through three way conferences, newsletters and open days. Student portfolios reflect the range of experiences created to make our PYP learners develop the IB Learner Profile and the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes that is enable students to take responsible action.

Language in PYP

Language is the vehicle for all learning and drives inquiry, connecting students’ prior experiences and current understanding in a purposeful and authentic learning experience. We at BNM believe that language learning lies at the heart of all learning and defines how we view ourselves and make sense of the world around us. Ideas, feelings, attitudes and identity are shaped by the language/s we use to express and communicate. A variety of authentic experiences both inside and outside the class throughout the school day provide opportunities to develop language skills that support cognitive development. Home languages are valued and respected and are seen as integral to not only maintaining cultural identity but also as a critical factor in academic success and acquisition of other languages.

Quality teaching, an enabling environment and a will to improve on our work are areas that are integral to the BN philosophy and will remain our focus for the coming years.
We are looking positively to creating exciting possibilities for learning, development and growth in the years ahead and are enthusiastic about continuing as members of a community of lifelong learners.