Learning Festival


The learning festival was an integral component of the school’s policy of promoting an environment based upon learning equipped with fun activities. It comprised of the following fun activities which were being held alongside the main event:

  • -Virtual Arts exhibition 
  • -Art Stations
  • -Math Mania
  • -Absolute fitness
  • -French corner
  • -Karaoke corner
  • -Camping
  • -Robotics & ET Booth
  • -Sports Activity
  • -The Phonics Studio
  • -Club Activities


The main event included the Chinese Dragon show, children’s performance on some of the most famous fairy tales of all times, costume performances, performance involving Pakistan’s traditional culture, Taekwondo engagement, pool activity and motivational speeches by respected guests. The speeches engaged people in a healthy debate about the ways in which the internet and social networking – and the unprecedented access they provide to information and ideas- have revolutionized modern living, thereby, changing forever the way we learn, communicate and interact. The august evening was concluded by a magnificent musical performance by Fakhir which greatly entertained the audience. In conclusion, the learning festival had something for everyone to learn and cherish from.